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The place to find real community and grow spiritually at Redeemer Life is found in our Life Groups. Life Groups are smaller gatherings that take place during the week in various homes. The transcendent goal of Life Groups is the ministry of reconciliation: we are coming back to God and the life He created for us to live (2 Corinthians 5:18-20). Achieving this requires three ingredients: grace, truth, and time. Grace and truth are far richer concepts than many Christians realize; it takes another person to both give and receive grace. And the ingredients of grace and truth don’t yield immediate growth—they need time to work.


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Always Remember Christ

Vernon Hills & Mundelein Singles

Thursdays @ 7:00 PM
Leaders: Scott Xiong & Robert Lee


Vernon Hills & Mundelein Families\Singles

 Fridays @ 6:30 PM

Leader: Shajan John

The Garden

Vernon Hills Families

 Saturday @ 6:00 PM

Leader: Joe & Sogi Thomas


Vernon Hills Singles

 Wednesday @ 7:30 PM

Leaders: Richard Yoon & Dayna Mounce

Rely on Christ

Vernon Hills Singles

Thursday @ 7:00 PM

Leaders: Richard Yoon & Bithynia Abarca


Vernon Hills Families

Saturday @ 5:00 PM

Leader: Shawn Kim


Vernon Hills Youth

Friday @ 6:30 PM


Vernon Hills Singles and Couples

Wednesday @ 7:30 PM

Leaders: Richard Yoon & Dayna Mounce

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